I am running for Salt Lake County Mayor because I have experienced the dysfunction and lack of leadership of Mayor McAdams.  Mayor McAdams has:

  • Raised YOUR taxes in 2015, the second time in 4 years
  • Expanded the County budget 25% in 3 years, from 840 million to 1.1 billion dollars
  • Expanded the Mayor’s personal staff 30%
  • Exposed the county to the largest EPA fine in Utah’s history
  • Insulated and elevated himself above the people he was elected to serve
  • Prioritized Salt Lake City over west side residents
  • Supported the 150 million dollar downtown theatre, committing your tax dollars without public vote
  • Spent millions of dollars on outside consultants for “studies” with NO deliverables
  • Primary force behind securing 100 million dollars of tax incentives for a new privately owned hotel, creating an unfair advantage to other hoteliers and an unnecessary burden on county residents
  • Failed to fully utilize existing facilities; Salt Palace, South Town Exposition Center, County Equestrian Park
  • Permitted and encouraged Salt Lake City’s abuse of county residents by a) allowing Salt Lake City to pursue hostile litigation in the Wasatch Canyons, b) bypassing the county sheriff with a private police force, c) picking winners and losers through ordinance enforcement or violation.
  • Spent millions of dollars of State and county monies on Mountain Accord, which has yet to produce anything that conserves open space, protects the watershed, improves transportation, or enhances the backcountry
  • Proposed more federal control of our surrounding canyons and mountains; thus making it more difficult to manage the forests, risking air quality, watershed quality and wise land stewardship

 Salt Lake County needs a Mayor who eliminates the wasteful and deceptive status quo.  As Mayor, I will represent ALL of Salt Lake County.  We will achieve real results and streamline the role of county government.

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